I had the pleasure of going back to Malawi for a shoot for AgDevCo, an investment company partnering with smallholder farmer units (SDU’s) within large agricultural companies. This 5 day shoot included everything from community agricultural training, a Groundnut factory, paprika, macadamias and the largest mac factory in Malawi (Tropha) to farm supply stores. Here are a few images from my trip up north!

2 Women weeding

Groundnut crop at Lisandwa Estate, Alliance 1

FSU  agricultural training at Mpingu village

57 Nthipuloula (3)

76 - Farmers World

Mpingu Farmers World store

Afri Oils Factory, Lilongwe

12 - Landprep for Macadamia plantation

Tropha Ltd, Land prep at Ekweldini Estate, Northern Malawi