For much of the Ixopo and Highflats agricultural history, dairy farming and timber have dominated this area. A few years ago, citrus was introduced and now Avo farming is about to take off too. I had the pleasure of photographing the first major commercial avo development happening, implemented by Craig Macfarlane of Ixopo. On this day Craig planted his first 12 of 38 hectres of irrigated Avo’s.

A total of 600 hectres of Hass Avo’s are being planted over the next couple years in Ixopo and Highflats. I will be following and photographing this agricultural development over the next few years.

Avo farm in Ixopo

Offloading Avo’s

Poles for Avo tree support


Avo Farming

Painting the stems of the young trees for sun protection

And here they are, one month later after some good rain!

Lianne Ashton is an Agriculture Photographer based in Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. For more information about her agriculture photography service, contact her here!