I live in the farming district of Ixopo and most of us head to the bright lights (if you can call Maritzburg that) for any retail therapy, entertainment that is outside of the braai and dinner at friends category, or school events. We are in a farming district that from a distance, might appear a little monotone. But if you dig deeper, you will find that Ixopo and its surrounds is a metropolis of diverse and multi-talented country folk. You will find a range of artists, writers, sportsmen, hobbyists, tea drinkers, crochet experts and as with any healthy farming community, a number of wine-yielding, occasionally raucous, book clubbers. We have a lot of interesting, different folk living around this area….and yet, it still takes a fair bit of courage to start something new and to do something different to all the other different people already doing different things here!

Kings Grant Country Retreat has recently opened a Wellness Centre, something Cheryl Biggs the owner has been wanting to do for many years. The Wellness Centre is in a building adjoining the old chapel and is now the working quarters for 4 different local ladies! There is a salon offering facials, reflexology, massage, pedicures and manicures, a physiotherapist, a Touch for Health practitioner and a psychologist specialising in horse therapy! It really is quite exciting to have all this right on our doorstep, and of course, it potentially means one less trip to Maritzburg which is always a win in my book!

The most recent shoot I have done is of Tonia Woodburn’s Touch for Health premise. For the last few years, Tonia has been studying Kinesiology and Reiki and is one of the four ladies who is offering her services at the new Kings Grant Wellness Centre. Tonia does Touch for health/kinesiology and Bemer treatments.

I take my hat off to Tonia, as this is something quite new in our area (though not new in the big wide world) and starting anything new and seemingly unusual in a small farming district can take a lot of courage. Personally, I had no idea what Touch for Health/Kinesiology is and I quickly asked Tonia ‘what exactly it is that she does?!’ What can I get out of this treatment? Will it make me famous, rich, happy or healthy?

Touch for Health Balance at Kings Grant Wellness Centre

In Tonia’s own words, this is what “Touch for Health” is:

“Touch for Health uses muscle testing on 42 different individual muscles to identify imbalances in a person’s organ or meridian system. Simple methods of either rubbing Neuro Lymphatic points, holding Neuro vascular points, tracing meridians and the use of sound, colour and movement are used to improve the flow of energy in the person. This reduces stress, improves posture, reduces pain and discomfort and improves overall well being.”

Touch for Health Balance at Kings Grant Wellness Centre

Tonia also offers Bemer treatments….

What is Bemer treatment?

‘Bemer treatments have been shown to improve cellular performance which facilitates the bodies inherent ablity to self regulate its impotency physiological parameters and heal itself by: improving blood circulation, strengthen the immune system through increased T-Cell release, increase in the oxygen partial pressure, improving blood viscosity, improving cell metabolism and ion pumping.’

‘The Bemer enables the body’s cells to obtain the required oxygen by significantly improving the blood circulation.’

Touch for Health Balance at Kings Grant Wellness Centre

Where is the Wellness Centre?

The Wellness Centre is situated at Kings Grant Country Retreat in Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal. Kings Grant was built by the German Trappist Monks and was once the supply farm for the nearby Mariathal Mission and St Mary’s Seminary. 20 years ago, it was renovated and transformed into a unique country retreat offering its guests accommodation, a museum, a restaurant, a conference centre and recently, a Wellness Centre. Kings Grant was also the filming location for the popular South African TV series, The Girls of St Agnes.

Try something New!

To make a booking with Tonia, contact her on 083 262 8025.

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