I love this time of year. When Winter approaches and we give ourselves permission to slow down. To take a breather from a marathon of a year, light up the fires in our homes and watch the flames flicker. To ease into the days with mugs of tea and to soak up the midday sunshine whilst lying on the garden lawn. It’s that time of year that affords us some ‘slow time,’ a time to reflect and rest and perhaps, a time to give ourselves some much needed self care and attention.

“In this worried rush, nobody stopped to see the sun appear over rooftops. Unnoticed beauty lost in the need to be everywhere, in every waking moment.” 
― Mala Naidoo, What Change May Come

I’ve been in and out of Kings Grant Country Retreat these last couple weeks, mostly to take photos of the new Wellness Spa run by one of our local ladies, Kim Crouch. Kim Crouch is a Cibtac and Itec qualified therapist (UK standards) and has been practicing massage, reflexology and somatology for 15 years. Last year, she helped launch the new Wellness Centre at Kings Grant. The Wellness Centre is located in the  original Trappist Monk living quarters and is surrounded by roses, grape vines, and cobbled walks ways. There is a buzz of activity here, with 2 other skilled ladies also offering physiotherapy and Touch for health/kinesiology. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Kim’s heated and cosy treatment room with soft background music allows her clients to drift off into a state of relaxation, a place to soothe the soul in the dead of winter.

We all need a break. A time to slow down and remove ourselves from the busyness of life. Some slow time in which we set aside for self care.  It somehow seems easier to do that at this time of year and how lucky are we to have this facility right on our door step that nurtures just that.

The Wellness Spa offers a range of treatments. Massage treatments range from pregnancy, reflexology, head, back, sports, Swedish and Hot stone. Kim also does the usual hand and feet treatments, including Shellac Gel treatments. She does facials for both adults and teens and works with Esse, Environ and Gatineau products of which you are able to buy from the salon. Waxing is also available as well tanning (spray and the tan lab.)

To book your treatment at the Kings Grant Wellness spa, Whatsapp Kim on

083 2455 453.

Kim Crouch Salon at Kings Grant Country Retreat

Chapel Gardens (2)

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates

“As important as it is to have a plan for doing work, it is perhaps more important to have a plan for rest, relaxation, self-care, and sleep.” 
― Akiroq Brost

Kim Crouch Salon at Kings Grant

“The world is quiet here.” 
― Lemony Snicket

Kings Grant Country Retreat was once a working farm, built and run by Trappist Monks. I grew up next door and my childhood memories are so very different to what it is now…though the charm and history continues. These days you will find accommodation, beautiful farm scenery, fresh air, quiet and expansive gardens, bird life, good food and most recently, a wellness centre! Kings Grant is somewhere you can escape to, slow down and do what so many of us really need and want to do –  rest!

Kings Grant Country Retreat Contact Number: +27 (0) 39 8342 730