BOOM, 2020 is here! The start of a new decade! As so many of us do, I have identified a few goals that I will be working on – most notably to go full speed ahead with agricultural photography, both commercial and for NGO organisations. 2019 was a good year in that it helped me get clarity about the direction of my photography business and 2020 will be about paving that path forward! I have got some exciting projects lined up. I will be doing a number of shoots for Pannar seed’s 2021 catalogue, plenty more shoots for Harry Gwala Agri, an NGO that offers emerging farmers mentorship programs with local commercial farmers and work experience on local farms for the agricultural students of the TVET College in Umzimkulu. I have also recently signed up with a new NGO that will focus on teaching people basic business/entrepreneurial skills and business mentoring. (More on that coming soon!)

I love these shoots in that the ‘subject’ is varied. I get to shoot everything from Dairy, nursery, citrus, cattle ranching and cropping. I also get to shoot fun events such as this one. These images are of a shoot I did in December for Harry Gwala Agri. It was a community horse race that was held during Jolivet’s annual Farmers market festival. I try to capture the ‘feel’ of an event or operation when taking photo’s and this event certainly offered me plenty of opportunity to capture the riders anticipation and excitement!

Over the last couple years I have also been doing a number of shoots for AgDevCo, an investment company that invests Mastercard money into various smallholder farmer operations throughout Africa. I had an amazing opportunity to go to Senegal last month where I photographed smallholder farmers growing rice. Those photo’s will be coming soon! I cant wait to share them with you. Senegal is a fascinating place and it was my first time in West Africa! I’d love go back!  I will actively be on the search for a new work relationship with a similar organisation or an NGO organisation that focuses on smallholder farmers in Africa and will be putting my feelers out in the next few months for more opportunities. I love that my work takes me to new African countries and I get to photograph various subjects, cultures and geographies.  I get to meet the humblest of people, learn about their stories and what life is like for them and I get to explore Africa, my home!

Back to Jolivet…

Here is a gallery of this race from beginning to end! I grew up riding horses and loved nothing more than a gallop at top speed. Watching these young men do their thing, barefoot and all, was a whole lot of fun for me! There was a fashion show scheduled for later and no doubt these boys were certainly out to ‘win,’ and hopefully capture the attention of the young lady spectators!

The Jolivet Jockey’s

Local horse race (41)

Riders waiting for more riders to arrive!

To the start line…

Local horse race (42)

Jolivet’s fashionista’s!

Local horse race (14)


Horse race

Local horse race (9)

The line up

Local horse race (16)

And they are off!

Local horse race (18)

The winner!

Local horse race (25)

Local horse race (34)

Local horse race (28)

Local horse race (27)

Local horse race (37)

Horse race (14)