Pannar maize crop (2)

** ‘Mealies’ is the South African word for maize or corn on the cob!

This is my brother Jono! I’ve subjected him to endless photography shoots, made him smile when he’s got a whole heap of work to do and mealies (corn/maize) to grow! Right now, along with the rest of the world – we are on lock down! It’s been a tough time for farmers despite ‘agriculture’ being identified as an essential service. Jono’s regular ‘green mealie/corn on the cob customers are vendors operating in the informal markets and all informal markets have been closed. Though it is possible for the vendors to get a special permit from the municipality to continue selling, there is less of a demand as markets are generally closed and consequently, less customers buying mealies. Jono has made a few trips down to the Durban Municipality Fresh Produce market as a last resort as his ‘green mealies’ are ripe and ready to sell! But it’s a 4 hour round trip and one that eats into the profit margin. This has been the biggest challenge so far. There is food and fresh produce to sell, but the middle man is not operating. How do we get this maize to the rural communities, where ‘green mealies’ are a ‘staple’ at this time of year? If this maize cant be sold as ‘green mealies,’ it will have to be dried and sold as grain.

On a positive note, it’s been great for us; having an endless supply of green mealies! We’ve had them for lunch every day – ultimately delaying  a trip into town to buy bread! These mealies are good!


Green Mealies (8)

Loading green mealies (2)

Green Mealies (15)

Picking green mealies

Mealie Braai (2)

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