I entered the world of attorney’s a couple weeks ago, admittedly a whole new world for me to photograph! I spent the morning photographing the action and the ‘everyday’ of the Venn’s Team in their new premises located at the Victoria Country Club Business Park. I noticed how behind the face of Venns, there is a huge team of staff who make it all possible. Right from the kitchen head who bakes scones fit for a queen to the filers who plough through piles of files up to 1 metre high in a day (I am truly in awe of that!) to the senior lawyers who exude experience and some super coloured funky socks. It’s evidently not all serious at Venns!

The world of attorney’s is something quite foreign to me. I think the closest I’ve come to it is watching Ally McBeal a couple millenniums ago and that’s about it. I loved this experience for that very reason. To enter and learn about a world that is not mine. Behind the grand and brand new face of Venns, their new premise is literally a hive of activity. I saw how everyone has their role, all essential for Venns being what it is; a dynamic, experienced, wholesome team who put their heads down and literally get on with it…fueled by a lot of coffee and the scones of course. Oh my goodness, the scones took the spotlight that day. For legal services and scones, Venns wins handsdown! I will vouch for them.

I met a lot of attorneys today and I’ve got to say, it was a real look in. I learned how admin is such a huge part of this career. Filing for example…I will never complain about filing again! My goodness, being a lawyer involves a lot of admin. And hence the importance of every single person in a team like this working together to get the best results. The admin staff, the kitchen staff, the technician, the call centre, the interns, the friendly receptions and of course the actual attorney’s themselves who all work together like a well-oiled machine. When there are a number of staff and attorney’s who have worked there their entire life, you know they have got something right! I think it’s hats off to Venns.

Venns Attorney’s

Thank you Venns for the opportunity to learn about a whole new world. And when and if I need a lawyer, I know where I am going!

This shoot was commissioned for 2 reasons. Firstly they are re-doing their website and have needed new imagery of their firm in their new premise. Webdoor (A responsive Web design agency based in Hillcrest, KZN) is busy working on their website and will be launching soon! And secondly, simply to capture the action at Venns and what it’s all about – especially since they have recently moved into the Victoria Country Club business Park in Pietermaritzburg.

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I have really enjoyed the mix up of shoots coming my way, all with a people aspect to it, of people doing what they love to do or what they are good at. Getting a look into a world that is not mine is why I love my own job. Every day is different and every day I learn something new!

For more information about Venns, Click here for their website

***These images are licensed to Venns Attorneys***

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