Carisbrooke Valley Citrus being harvested

It’s devastating to watch how our South African citrus industry is taking such a knock this year with the new, much stricter legislation that came about ‘bang on’ in the middle of the season when ships were already full with South African citrus. I’m hoping the South African citrus industry recovers quickly and finds sustainable solutions to continue growing citrus and exporting it like they have done to the EU in the recent years.

I spent another day on Carisbrooke Farm capturing the farm workers picking Navalates. These navalates are sent to Carisbrooke Valley Citrus Packhouse and from there, marketed and distributed locally through Capespan.

Don’t miss the video below! My mission is to create uplifting agricultural videos that give you a true feel for the industry, to create authentic content that requires connection with the people I am documenting and knowledge of the industry. Thank you to Carisbrooke Valley farming for taking the time to share your knowledge with me and for letting me roam freely in the citrus orchards! There is a wonderful atmosphere on this farm and I hope that this translates in the video.

Without sounding bias, you really should keep a look out for Carisbrooke Valley Citrus, it’s so much of sweet!

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Lianne is an agricultural photographer based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She has specialised in agricultural photography for 7 years and has photographed numerous agricultural operations within South Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa. Other than South Africa, Lianne has lived in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi and has a good knowledge of these regions in the way of agriculture.

She has been contracted to both international and local commercial agricultural organisations, NGO’s and co-ops that support smallholder farmers and agricultural development within rural communities. Her clients include companies such as Pannar Seed/Corteva Agriscience, Ellepot and AgDevco.

Lianne has a particular interest in the human aspect of agriculture and has done work for NPO’s with the aim to uplift rural communities by providing sustainable agricultural solutions, investment and supply-chain/market solutions. These shoots include everything from the crop, to training and mentorship programs, social documentaries of the communities, logistics and processing.

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