Umko Citrus – the Lemon season begins!

I popped down to the Argus farm in the Umkomaas Valley this week to photograph the start of the lemon picking season. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful farm, forming part of the second day of the famous Sani2c cycle race route. The cyclists are in for a treat when they hit this section!

On this day, I photographed the fruit pickers harvesting lemons. From here, these lemons are sent the Carisbrooke Valley Citrus Packhouse and packed for both the export and local market. While there, I took advantage of being in such a beautiful place and had a wonder around the farm. What was meant to be a quick 1 hour shoot, turned into all an morning. I was in paradise!

Argus Farm – Sani2c race route
Recording the bags of lemons picked by each fruit picker.
Farm Induna
Umkomaas Valley

Lianne Ashton Photography©2022

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