Lianne Ashton is a freelance Agriculture and NGO photographer based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Lianne is well-acquainted with Africa and has lived and worked in a number of African countries. 

 Vibrant, authentic, people-centric photography –  Lianne’s work combines both directive and documentary styles, with the intention to capture natural expressions and interactions as well as the atmosphere, work action and the agricultural landscapes. 

Flexible, open and friendly – Lianne values being able to connect easily with the peopleLianne Ashton (4) she is working with and photographing. Lianne’s approach in a shoot is to create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, enabling her to capture genuine, heartfelt smiles and expressions.

Farming background and good agricultural knowledge –  Lianne is a farm girl through and through! She grew up in the Ixopo farming district in South Africa, being exposed early on in life to agriculture.  Lianne married a Zimbabwean farmer. They lived in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi for 10 years and farmed paprika, tobacco and sugarcane.  4 years ago, they moved to South Africa to join a well established Forestry and Vegetable seedlings nursery and it’s where they are today. Lianne has good agricultural knowledge largely due to her experience and exposure to various agriculture crops and organisations. Her experience is key to understanding the industry and what type of photography is required. Lianne has a special interest in ‘sustainable agriculture’ and  photographing smallholder farmers. Though her clients include large agricultural corporates, NGO’s, commercial farmers, agribusinesses, and agricultural investors. Lianne has photographed everything from maize, cattle, abattoirs, feed lots, rice, soy beans, groundnuts, sugarcane, dairy, seedlings, paprika and various orchards.