Farm Photography Packages

All farm photography shoots are tailor-made with your particular farm in mind. Before a shoot, we will have a consultation in which we will discuss the aspects of your farm that you would like me to focus on, the logistics and the schedule.

Packages include professional editing and a DVD and/or uploading the images to a private web folder for you to access and download. Packages do not include travel expenses. AA Travel rates will apply and potentially accommodation/meals will be required for farms that are further than 1 ½ hours of Ixopo in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

An Album and printing price list is available on request.

If you have any further enquiries or requests, please drop me a message. I am available to travel and have done work in various African countries.


An ‘all day’ shoot starting from 6:30/7am to sunset. The shoot is tailor-made and will be designed with your farm in mind. We will consider the staff working hours, operations taking place on the day and photographic locations. You will receive a minimum of 80 professionally edited images. The shoot will be directed at times but for the most part, it will take on a documentary style. Should you like to include Family photography or farm lifestyle photography in the day, you are most welcome! All this will be discussed in the pre-shoot consultation.


Depending on the number of farm operations happening during the day and the various landscape locations and landmarks, this shoot will simply give me more time to capture more. I like to do landscapes in the early morning or late afternoon. Often this will clash with an early morning/afternoon operation. By having an extra half day, I will be able to capture both. You will receive a minimum of 115 professionally edited images.


This shoot is suited to one farm operation (or limited operations) and a late afternoon or early morning landscape shoot or family photography shoot. You will receive a minimum of 50 professionally edited images.


This shoot takes place in the early morning light or late afternoon and is designed to capture your favourite view or a particularly beautiful place on your farm. It’s great for those of you wanting a high resolution image suitable for print.


A shoot designed for one farm operation. You will receive between 20 -30 professionally edited images. This shoot is designed with seasonal farm operations/crops in mind. Instead of a full day, you may prefer to have a number of small shoots over a period of time or over a year. Or simply, a once off.