Lianne AshtonLianne Ashton is a photographer based in the Ixopo farming district in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Before Ixopo, she lived in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. In 2012, she started the photographic blog Africa far and wide, in which she documents her experiences in Africa. Her blog includes everything from social documentaries, storytelling, landscapes, agriculture and travel posts.

Since moving back to South Africa, Lianne has mostly focused her photography on Agriculture and the hospitality and tourism industry, though she has a keen interest in Social Documentaries and NGO projects.

Agriculture: Lianne has photographed the operations of a number of agricultural companies in Southern Africa as well the smallholder farm sector. Lianne has a strong agricultural background and is particularly interested in the African Small scale farming sector and Agricultural and Social NGO projects. She also offers a number of tailor-made Farm Documentary packages in which she focuses on telling the story of the particular farm.

Hospitality: Prior to being a photographer, Lianne was in the hospitality industry. She trained as a chef at Christina Martin’s School of Food and Wine in Durban and worked in a number of hospitality establishments in the UK and South Africa. With her experience in hospitality, she has a good understanding of the industry and the photography that will draw the customer in. She has also travelled extensively within Southern Africa and regularly publishes travel posts for her photographic blog Africa far and wide. Lianne provides fresh and up-to-date imagery for web design and print. Her work includes Hotel/Lodge photography, landscapes and tourist attractions as well as food photography.

Lianne has been commissioned to provide imagery for the agricultural and hospitality sector within Southern Africa. She offers a number of packages suited to various operations and budgets and is available to travel both locally and internationally.

If you’d like to connect with Lianne or find out more about the photographic services she offers, please make use of the contact form below.