Lianne Ashton

Lianne is a photographer based in KZN, South Africa. Her work mostly focuses on agriculture, in particular – the human element of agriculture. She creates people-centric photography for organisations and businesses, capturing the processes of an operation and the people in their work environment. Her style includes both directive and documentary styles.

Lianne has an agricultural background and is knowledgeable of a number of agricultural industries. Her understanding of agriculture and approachable and flexible nature enables her to connect easily with her clients and the people she is photographing, helping her capture and create authentic and uplifting imagery.

Lianne works with large agricultural corporates/operations as well as NGO’s and organisations that work with and invest in smallholder farmers and emerging farmers in Africa. Lianne is a confident traveler and has travelled, worked and lived in the Southern African region. Her work has also taken her to West Africa. Lianne’s rates include options from ‘day only shoots’ to discounted shoots and short term contracts for longer periods of time and/or when flexibility is required.

GrainSA cover pages by Lianne Ashton

Lianne’s work includes commercial photography, focusing on small businesses and the hospitality and tourism industry. Click here to see more of Lianne’s commercial photography….

Before agricultural photography, there was hospitality! Lianne has experience in the hospitality industry and worked for a number of years as a chef and as management in both restaurants and lodges. Her photography career initially started with ‘travel in Africa,’ and a documentary style blog called ‘Africa far and wide,’ and moved across to people-centric agricultural photography when she moved back to South Africa 5 years ago.

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