Lianne Ashton – Photographer and writer

Lianne is a photographer based in KZN, South Africa. Her work mostly focuses on agriculture, in particular – the human element to agriculture. She creates people-centric photography for organisations and businesses, capturing the processes of an operation and the people in their work environment. Her style includes both directive and documentary styles.

Agricultural Photography

Lianne comes from an agricultural background and is familiar with a number of agricultural industries. She has a good understanding of agriculture which enables her to connect easily with her clients and capture/create imagery that is both relevant and promotional of the organisation. She is currently based in South Africa but has lived in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi and has a good understanding of the region in the way of agriculture, culture and geography. Lianne works with large agricultural corporates/operations as well as NGO’s and organisations that work with and invest in smallholder farmers and emerging farmers within Africa.

Lianne is flexible on a shoot and generous with her time, factoring in the nature of an agricultural shoot and the farmers schedule. Lianne is independent and available to travel throughout South Africa and within Africa or internationally. Some of her shoots have included Rice operations in Senegal, various cropping operations in Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi, livestock and an array of agricultural shoots in South Africa from seedlings, seed companies, chickens, grains, dairy and orchards.

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