Lianne has a farming background and has been exposed to and photographed a number of agricultural operations around Africa. She grew up in Ixopo in South Africa on a farm with a vegetable and forestry seedlings nursery called Sutherland Seedlings. Since then she has lived in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi and is familiar with Commercial farming, corporate and Smallholder farming in these regions, in particular paprika, cattle, tobacco and sugarcane. Since then she has returned to South Africa and is back in Ixopo. Lianne has a good general knowledge of agriculture and a good understanding of what to photograph. She feels at ease in this environment and thoroughly enjoys travelling around rural Africa and photographing different farming operations in the region, especially the Smallholder farming sector.

Lianne has a good rapport with the people she is photographing and is able to help them feel at ease in front of the camera. She particularly enjoys the human  aspect of agricultural photography, in particular ‘training,’ and operations that are labour intensive. On a shoot Lianne includes both directed and documentary photography as well as crop or farm landscapes.

She has previously done work for the likes of Backsaver Farming Equipment, Ellepot planting machines as well as AgDevCo for which she has photographed a number of their partner’s operations such as CHC commodities in Zambia, Tropha Malawi, Alliance 1 Tobacco, Moz Agri and Afri Oils in Malawi. Her images have also featured in the South African Landbou publication.

If you have any enquiries or requests, please drop Lianne a message using the contact form or alternatively email her at lianneashtonphotography at gmail. com.

She is available to travel both locally and internationally.


Rydall Dairy, Ixopo, South Africa

Ellepot, South Africa

Ashleigh Farm Contracting and Field Services, Ixopo, South Africa



Sutherland Seedlings, Ixopo, South Africa

Loch Buighe Farm Avo Development, South Africa

Tropha Ltd Paprika processing plant, Malawi