‘A good picture speaks a thousand words.’ How often have we heard this? Probably a lot and for good reason! Visuals hold the top spot when it comes to marketing your product, brand or service.  A good image is memorable, instant, it draws our attention and it suggests professionalism.  It suggests to your possible customer that you’re established and serious about your business.  How often have you flicked through a brochure and noticed two similar products or services being advertised side by side? Which one is your first choice? The one with eye-catching imagery or the one with text only or a not so good picture taken with a cell phone? I know I’ve made decisions based on imagery, especially of accommodation. The reality is that there is so much competition these days. And there is bound to be another business offering what you do. I believe having good, well composed images for your business marketing is key to getting ahead.

Many of the commercial shoots I have done are for businesses in the process of designing their website or upgrading it and needing quality imagery to show off their product, service or brand. With a commercial shoot, I can provide Environmental portraits,(images of people in their workplace) documentary imagery of your business, product photography, head shots and Architectural and interior photography. With these shoots, I endeavor to understand your business brand and to provide evocative and eye catching imagery.

Sterling Wrought Iron - Blacksmith business in Howick
Sterling Wrought Iron – Blacksmith business in Howick

Tonya Woodburn Touch for Health Service at Kings Grant Country Retreat Wellness Centre

Product Photography for Ellepot, South Africa

Environmental Portraits and Documentary imagery of Murray Roberts Bladesmithing – a business based in Howick offering handcrafted, tailor-made knives and bladesmithing courses.

Headshots of AgDevCo staff in Lilongwe, Malawi