Murray Roberts Bladesmithing

Murray Roberts is an old friend of mine. A few years ago, he stepped out of the rat race in pursuit of following his passion of Bladesmithing. As a young boy he’d watched and learned from his father who had spent long hours in the workshop handcrafting knives. 30 years later, he decided to take his interest further and attended a number Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and Stock Removal knifemaking courses. A good Blacksmith friend of his, Guy Sterling of Sterling Wrought Iron kindly offered Murray the opportunity to share his workshop space, tools, Blacksmithing machinery and Bladesmithing knowledge. A couple years later, Murray is now an accomplished Bladesmith who makes tailor-made knives to order. Some of his recent creations include hunting knives, chef knives and steak knives. To know more about Murray’s business and services, click here to read the full story…

Bladesmith in Dargle

Forging a knife

Murray required imagery for his website and for marketing purposes. For this shoot, I mostly went with a documentary approach with the intention of capturing the feel of the space, the mood and the passion Murray has for Bladesmithing. An art that requires skill, precision and a whole lot of patience! I take my hat off to people who have the courage to take the risk to start a business and follow their dreams.  What better pleasure is there than to wake up everyday to a job that you love! Here are few of the images I took of Murray Roberts Bladesmithing.

Stock Removal method used to shape a stainless steel knife

Bladesmithing in Dargle

Bladesmith in Dargle

Murray Roberts Bladesmithing Facebook Page 

Photography for small businesses

If you are a small business and looking for imagery for your website or for marketing purposes and would like a quote for a commercial or documentary shoot, please use the contact form below to send your enquiry. I particularly have a special interest in small businesses  and would love to hear from you!

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