Ellepot root stock for Hayter’s Forestry planting operations in Ixopo

Forestry operations

I’ll be doing a series of shoots for Ellepot in the coming months. I kicked off the series with the Hayter’s/Ixopo contracting planting operations. Sutherland Seedlings supplied them with Ellepot Eucalyptus root stock. It was a perfect day for planting; wet, misty and rainy!

Ellepot is a propagation system with patented machines, customized trays and environmentally friendly paper. Seedlings or root stock are planted into paper pots. It’s worth noting the Eucalyptus root structure in these images; one of the many advantages of using Ellepot in the way of seedling/rootstock propagation.  With Ellepot, there is faster root development and it eliminates transplant shock during planting operations.

During this shoot, I was also able to do some people-centric documentary photography of the Hayter’s planting operation and their staff. Thank you to Lionel Van Rooyan and his team of staff who gave me their time and were happy for me to click away in the background and to capture an  Ellepot ‘planting operation.’

Farm worker
Root stock ready for planting!

Carrying Hydrogel

Forestry operations (1)

Lunch break
Lunch Break!
Planting Ellepots
Ellepot Eucalyptus root stock ready for planting!
Planting Ellepot seedlings (2)
Digging a hole for the Ellepot
Forestry operations in Ixopo
Planting Eucalyptus root stock
Ixopo Contracting

Planting Ellepot seedlings (1)

Ellepot Eucalyptus root stock (1)
Lionel Van Rooyan of Ixopo Contracting/Hayters forestry operation

These images are commissioned by Ellepot.

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