2021 Pannar Vrystaat photography tour; Wheat farming and LFC Milling

A few belated photos of my Pannar Vrystaat photography tour earlier this year. Once again I have had the incredible opportunity to do photography for Pannar Seed’s annual catalogue and calendar. This year I toured the Freestate and had the pleasure of photographing some of the best farming estates in the region. This particular shoot was of the Van der Linde family run farm, a small empire in the making and as with most Vrystaat farmers, people who are passionate about what they do and what they still plan to do! I also was invited to tour their mill, LFC Milling and got some awesome action in the off loading zone! Check it out!

Soil Sampling
Pannar Consultant Martin Maartins
Pannar farmer

LFC Milling

LFC milliing

All images are commissioned and owned by Pannar Seed

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