French Bull Dog Puppy Alert

Ok, so this is something completely new to me; a French Bull Dog Puppy shoot! It was a bit like doing a cute baby shoot but with puppies! Admittedly it’s a whole new world for me. These dogs are not any dogs, they are the French Bull Dogs. I knew nothing about them before I did this shoot but now I know a whole lot more. And I have to say that these animals come packed with character. Next week I will be visiting these farm pups again for another photography shoot. For me, my photography challenge is to capture their characters….and boy, do these pups have character. Next post coming soon!

(Drum Roll)……………….Introducing THE finest, most spunkiest and cutest South African farm bred French Bull Dog puppies around today.

Meet the Cashmere Frenchies of Creighton

Lianne Ashton Photography©2022

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Lianne Ashton is the founder of Rosie Goes and is a freelance photographer.

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