The future is coffee!

This is how your cup of Beavercreek coffee starts out! TNT Nursery on the South Coast, KZN are growing coffee seedlings for Beavercreek Coffee. TNT uses the Ellepot system of planting the coffee beans into Ellepot paper pots, resulting in excellent root mass and root health and a productive coffee berry baring plant!

Notice how the roots grow through the paper.

Lianne Ashton Photography ©2022

About Lianne Ashton Photography

Lianne is an agricultural photographer based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She has specialised in agricultural photography for 7 years and has photographed numerous agricultural operations within South Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa. Other than South Africa, Lianne has lived in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi and has a good knowledge of these regions in the way of agriculture.

She has been contracted to both international and local commercial agricultural organisations, NGO’s and co-ops that support smallholder farmers and agricultural development within rural communities. Her clients include companies such as Pannar Seed/Corteva Agriscience, Ellepot and AgDevco.

Lianne has a particular interest in the human aspect of agriculture and has done work for NPO’s with the aim to uplift rural communities by providing sustainable agricultural solutions, investment and supply-chain/market solutions. These shoots include everything from the crop, to training and mentorship programs, social documentaries of the communities, logistics and processing.

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Lianne Ashton is the founder of Rosie Goes and is a freelance photographer.

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