Smallholder Farmers

Lianne has a special interest in smallholder farmers and has done work for the likes of AgDevCo, Backsaver Farm Equipment and NGO Harry Gwala Agri. She has a good rapport with the farmers she is photographing and is able to make them feel comfortable and relaxed while being photographed. Her work includes both documentary and directed shoots.

Smallholder operations she has captured:

CHC commodities Smallholder partnership, Zambia (maize)

Moz Agri, Livestock Buying Points and abbetoir (Livestock)

Grain SA training Smallholder farmers to use Backsaver farm equipment (Farm equipment for smallholder farmers)

Tropha Smallholder partnership, Malawi (Macadamias and Paprika)

Smallholder farmers supplying Afri Oil Groundnut Processing plant (Groundnuts)

FSU Training for Smallholder farmers, Malawi

Silverlands Feedlot – Zambia

Harry Gwala Agri, South Africa

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Smallholder farmers in Northern Malawi growing paprika and Birdseye chilli’s for Tropha Ltd (AgDevCo shoot)

Moz Agri Smallholder Livestock buying points, in partnership with AgDevCo, Mozambique

AgDevCo supporting CHC Smallholder farmers, Zambia

NGO Harry Gwala Agri – an NGO based in KwaZulu-Natal that coordinates mentorship programs for emerging farmers with the help of local commercial farmers.

Silverlands Dipping program for Smallholder Cattle farmers in Zambia

GrainSA and Kynoch Fertiliser train smallholder farmers in South Africa on how to use Backsaver Farming Equipment

Smallholder farmer field day with FSU agronauts, Malawi

Lianne has been commissioned to photograph a number of Smallholder operations in Southern Africa and is available to travel internationally. If you would like to know more about Lianne’s agriculture photography service, please connnect using the contact form  below or email Lianne. Email:  lianneashtonphotography at gmail. com