The Flying Swans supporting emerging citrus farmers in Tzaneen

The Flying Swans are a Dutch initiative to help Dutch corporations succeed in developing markets in Africa. Recently I was commissioned by the The Flying Swans to capture their initiative to support emerging citrus farmers in the Tzaneen area. Their support focuses on emerging farmers meeting the quality criteria for export markets and finding solutions to improve logistics/transportation of the fruit from farm to port, ultimately speeding up the export process of fruit from South Africa to the Rotterdam Port and to maintain a competitive advantage in the fruit market.

My first stop was a citrus farm in the Litsitele area. Meet Ernst Risaba. I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Ernst’s citrus operation in the Litsitele area. Ernst has been farming for a number of years and is dedicated to learning and succeeding as a citrus farmer. “I don’t know everything, but I am trying,” says Ernst.

It was quickly evident that Ernst is a passionate farmer with the intention to get his young orchards/orange crop to a level that he can export. This year is only his second harvest. Ernst has been working closely with a large commercial farmer who has mentored him over the years and helped him to get where he is today. On this shoot, I have learned a lot about citrus, namely that it is not a simple crop to grow! But judging from Ernst’s oranges, I think he’s doing exceptionally well! He generously gave me 4 pockets of oranges for the trip, of which I am still getting through and can say that they are some of the sweetest oranges I’ve had! With all this Covid 19 around, they’ve been the best way for me to keep my Vitamin C levels right up! Thank you Ernst!

I have photographed many successful farmers and visited many farms with my agricultural photography and the two things all good farmers have in common is hard work and a passion for farming! Ernst is no exception. We drive down the roads with rows and rows of well-kept orange orchards…and I know without a shadow of a doubt that Ernst has a very big future!

These photographs have been licenced to the Flying Swans.

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