The best self catering accommodation for business travel in Graskop

When it comes to accommodation and photography shoots, sometimes it’s just a case of winging it and hoping you find a good spot to rest your head after a day on the road or after a day of ‘shooting.’ In my case, I’m usually tired by this stage and have only a few things on my mind: Eat, recharge batteries, download ‘todays’ images, sleep. But today, I needed good internet and being in the Mpumalanga area that I am, the signal is less than more!

There is only one thing to do when your accommodation requirements are particular…ask a local! I hit a luck when I pulled up next to the restaurant and asked about the internet in Graskop and whether they could recommend any accommodation in the area that has reliable and fast internet. Sometimes, the search for accommodation requires a few loops around the town and some back roads before you find the place, but today I was lucky. I met the manager Lindy who also manages Graskop Harries Cottage, a top of the notch self-catering premise with everything you could hope for (as well as fast internet) but best of all a Nespresso COFFEE MACHINE!

As a photographer, or perhaps any business person, a good strong hit of caffeine first thing in the morning is a must. And so having a coffee machine in your own small abode, fast internet and a desk for working space/editing is like home away from home. It’s places like these that while you are on a working road trip, that you are able to get your work done! I have realised that on trips like these, I cant afford to wait until I get home to edit…I must edit on the road! Places like Graskop Harries Cottage, are essential for getting the work done!

Contact Graskop Harries Cottage +27 (0) 73 386 8509 for more information

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