The best self catering accommodation for business travel in Graskop

When it comes to accommodation and photography shoots, sometimes it’s just a case of winging it and hoping you find a good spot to rest your head after a day on the road or after a day of ‘shooting.’ In my case, I’m usually tired by this stage and have only a few things onContinue reading “The best self catering accommodation for business travel in Graskop”

Flitswick Ranch Accommodation and farmlife

I have discovered a beauty! Flitwick Ranch is nestled deep in the Swartberg Hills. It’s an operating farm with the most spectacular farm accommodation too. I spent the day here mostly photographing the farm operations like the livestock being herded and the Polo Trainers starting up the polo horses pre-season exercise plan! This is definitelyContinue reading “Flitswick Ranch Accommodation and farmlife”

Lodge Photography; Kings Grant Wellness Spa

I love this time of year. When Winter approaches and we give ourselves permission to slow down. To take a breather from a marathon of a year, light up the fires in our homes and watch the flames flicker. To ease into the days with mugs of tea and to soak up the midday sunshineContinue reading “Lodge Photography; Kings Grant Wellness Spa”

Touch for Health by Tonia Woodburn: It’s a balancing act…

I live in the farming district of Ixopo and most of us head to the bright lights (if you can call Maritzburg that) for any retail therapy, entertainment that is outside of the braai and dinner at friends┬ácategory, or school events. We are in a farming district that from a distance, might appear a littleContinue reading “Touch for Health by Tonia Woodburn: It’s a balancing act…”