Floral photography at Kings Grant Country Retreat

I’ve needed this weekend! A weekend to simply ‘create,’ for no purpose other than to be creative! This morning I set out to Kings Grant Country Retreat looking for some photography inspiration. It was already quite bright – I’d missed the soft early morning light! So I decided to use the bright light and the shadows that come with it.

When the subject or object you are photographing is in the light, with the shadow behind it – the effect is simple and striking. Colours and textures pop and the contrasting light shadows out any background details that detract attention from the subject you are photographing. I find this works well with photographing people too. If they stand in a door way, you get much the same effect. Any distracting details in the background are literally shadowed out, and the natural light lights up the subject. Give it a try!

I particularly enjoy using this contrasting light when creating photographs that can be used as wall art for interiors. As we speak I am busy updating my website…expect some changes over the next week. I am very excited to be creating a new page on my website that will feature some of my work over the years that can be used for interiors, or as stock photography, or as a reference image for an artist to paint and that can be purchased for personal use.

Photos taken at Kings Grant Country Retreat, Ixopo, KZN

Lianne Ashton Photography©2022

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Lianne Ashton is the founder of Rosie Goes and is a freelance photographer.

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