Gifts in Garlington at Bella Rosa Bloom

Photographing small businesses or start-up businesses has opened many doors for me through which I get to step into someone else’s world for a few hours. Not only do I get to learn about a new industry, but I get to meet people doing what they love to do, people who have identified what brings them joy, purpose and fulfilment and who are actively and often bravely, pursuing it by making it a way of life. Meeting these people is the part I love about my job, people who are gifted one way or the other and through business, are sharing their gift with others.

Elizabeth Thornton is one of those people. In fact she has modelled her business on ‘gifts!’ At the Bella Rosa Bloom in the Garlington Estate in Hilton, you will find a buzz of activity – be it arranging the most exquisite bunches of flowers, landscaping and rose management, hosting guests in her self-catering accommodation and running a gift shop! She has a strong team working with her too who make it all possible. Faith now runs the flower business, gift shop and the accommodation and then last but not least, the men in pink! The men in pink of the Bella Rosa Bloom head up the landscaping and rose management. You cant miss them (!) with their vibrant pink shirts, big smiles and their love of gardening. Elizabeth’s garden speaks for itself and for their work!

If you are like me who forgets most birthdays, and you live in the Hilton area – this gem of a florist and gift shop will definitely come in handy when you need to make a quick plan for a gift and one that will brighten up anyone’s day! Take a look at the photos and see what Bella Rosa Bloom offers.

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Take a peak at some of the photos of the Bella Rosa Bloom!

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