Danroc Macadamia Nursery growing with Ellepot

My recent photography tour of a number of nursery’s that have embraced the Ellepot propagation system included Danroc, a state of the art nursery and leading Macadamia nut farm in the White River area. Anton Wessels is the manager of Danroc Nursery and his attention to detail and discipline becomes quickly obvious when touring this nursery. Danroc have adopted the Ellepot system, planting Macadamia nut cuttings into Ellepot paper pots. According to Anton, Ellepot’s phenomenal root architecture and root mass is a major factor in the way of giving his trees the best possible start, especially in the way of healthy roots. Check out this incredible Mac operation!

Macadamia’s being planted at Danroc Nursery in White River

Stepping up from Ellepot Global 032 Air trays to Ellepot Global 006 Air Trays

Macadamia cuttings

Lianne Ashton Photography ©2021

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