Sappi’s Ngodwana nursery embracing Ellepot

This was a scorcher of a day! 42 degrees in White River and spending most of that time in tunnels photographing Ellepot seedlings being planted and grown at the Sappi’s Ngodwana Nursery … a day’s sauna session and some steamed up lenses to say the least! But what an impressive nursery. Sappi have recently embraced Ellepot and as a non-Ellepot expert, it’s becoming very obvious to me that the proof is in the roots! This last week, I have been on an Ellepot photo tour in the White River area photographing a number of nurseries that have embraced the Ellepot planting system.

My goal was to build up a photo library of Ellepot’s customers nursery operations, capturing their individual stories and how changing to Ellepot has benefited them. For Sappi, the roots give their trees the best start a forestry operation could hope for. And importantly, using the Ellepot system means the roots are not damaged when removing them from the trays when it comes to planting the seedlings out. Take a look at how Sappi are embracing Ellepot.

Comparing roots ….guess the Ellepot tray?!

Lianne Ashton Photography©2021

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