Photographing the old blacksmith at Kings Grant

I’ve been playing with light again, but this time I’ve left the sunny Spring gardens and have descended the steep staircase to the ‘ground level’ of the old St Isidore mill. It’s dark here, with light filtering through the old mill windows and lighting up bits of old machinery, blacksmith tools and rugged, masculine stone walls built by German Trappist monks. It’s not pretty down here, and I love it! It’s moody and full of character. My kids call it the dungeon. But it’s mostly known as the blacksmith! There is dust, some spider webs, smudges of old black grease from its working days and even the odd bat that occasionally makes an appearance. As a set for creative and still photography, the opportunities are endless!

Kings Grant Country Retreat, Ixopo, KZN, South Africa

For this album, I’ve gone for natural light and have used the existing light to bring focus to the object I am photographing. I’ve observed where the light falls and onto what it falls on. How it might light up a particular object, or the details of an object, the patterns and the deep, earthy colours of the blacksmith.

Photography location: Kings Grant Country Retreat.

Kings Grant was built by German Trappist Monks. St Isidore farm’s purpose was to supply the nearby Mariathal Mission and the neighbouring St Mary’s Seminary. It has since been converted into accommodation, a restaurant and conference centre. Kings Grant is located just outside of Ixopo, enroute to the Eastern Cape (R56) and only an hour from Pietermaritzburg and an hour and half from Durban. For more information about Kings Grant, click here!

Lianne Ashton Photography©2022

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Lianne Ashton is the founder of Rosie Goes and is a freelance photographer.

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