A tropical paradise in White River

You can spot them from a mile a way…people who are passionate about something and who make ‘it’ their way of life. This week I met Johan Jubbe, owner of the Ku De Ta Bed and Breakfast in White River. This is not just a bed and breakfast, this is a tropical garden paradise…in particular, someone who is especially passionate about Bromeliad’s. You will not just get a bed and breakfast here, you will pulled into a tropical paradise. When there is editing to be done, (since I am on a business trip) I have strayed from the laptop many times this week and found myself exploring this magnificent garden instead. This is a Bromeliad paradise. I did not know what a Bromeliad is before my visit to Ku De Ta, but now I do and I most appreciate this job perk… that I get to learn so much through travel. This week, I learned about Bromeliad’s and also how not to kill house plant. Johan says it’s simple. But I suspect he has very green fingers!

I highly recommend Ku De Ta in White River, Mpumalanga. Not only will you be treated with a tropical paradise, but Johan serves good breakfast’s and importantly, (for me at least) very good coffee. A must for a photographer on a photography tour! You will also leave knowing more about Bromeliad’s because THIS garden makes you want to know more and because Johan is generous with his time and knowledge of plant propagation and cultivation.

To find out more about Ku De Ta, check out their website. Ku De Ta website

Ku De Ta tropical paradise
Once a Bromeliad flowers, it sends out pups then dies! It’s taken almost 15 years for this Bromeliad to flower.
Tropical Paradise
Learning from Johan who is passionate about Bromeliads
A pineapple is a part of the Bromeliad family
Photographer taking a break from editing and getting creative with Koi fish!

Lianne Ashton Photography ©2021

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